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Son of a Gun

I was crazy. Crazy mad. That's how I felt when I turned in my AK-47 rifle. The commanding officer's growl still haunts me: "This gun is your god. You listen to the voice of your god and go where your gun tells you."

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Dans over de zee


Promise (14) mag niet langer naar school: zijn schoolgeld is niet betaald, en hij draagt geen schoenen. Zijn moeder is ziek, zijn vader is overleden. 

Dansen over de zee.jpeg

Into the nevernight

From the diamond mines of Namibia to the refugee camps in Tanzania, she fights to regain her freedom, her faith, and her family. Only when the voices of the refugee children point her toward Nevernight, the place of peace where it is never dark and there is no fear, does Miriam find what she has lost.

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When the family of a peace negotiator is kidnapped in Africa, the son is conscripted as a child soldier.


Bread upon the waters

The war that had brought them together was now pulling them apart. Would they forever be scattered like-Bread Upon the Waters?

Bread upon the waters.jpg

Where the fire burns

The two Piekarz boys grow apart after Poland's liberation from the Nazis, and a young American woman in search of her father finds herself attracted to both of them.

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Out of the red shadow

Three generations of family struggle between the promise of their faith and the sweeping events leading up to Solidarity and the defeat of communism.

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