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This one’s for Daniel

Every other morning or so I check to see how many people have been reading my blog. In the good old days of daily reports, when I was writing the aids survival thread, I sometimes got up to 40 readers a day. And they came from all over the world, including the Middle East and Africa.

As some of you may have noticed, there hasn’t been much blogging this last month, but that’s because I was FINISHING THE REWRITES for the aids story. It’s turned into a surfer tale, but that’s as they say, another story.

I do have a faithful few who check my blog regularly, even when I’m not posting anything. There’s at least four of you, and one of the faithful is my 23-year-old son, Daniel. “Mom, when are you going to write something new?” he asked the other day.

Story of my life, I thought. So I started work on a new novel, cool huh?

And here you go, my golfing son with handicap 3. Here’s one of your heroes.

Oh, and please don’t any of you Search his name at and look at a video of a side of Daniel you don’t often get to see. Please don’t, even if it’s called “At least his parents are proud.” Ha! Gotcha!

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