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Back Home Again

The warm water off an island in the Bahamas called Eleuthera, which means “freedom,” seems very far . . . and very close.

Hearing voices in Spanish these days: Vamos a Mexico! Mi corazon. Gracias! Muy simpatico.

In Puebla, the Minister of Culture arranged a guided tour of the oldest library in North and South America. I donned white gloves and turned weathered pages of an Old Testament written in Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek and Chaldean. I felt like Sean Connery in “The Name of the Rose.”

I remembered my trip to Iraq, between the wars, and visiting a Chaldean Orthodox church in Nineveh. The priest told me most of their old manuscripts had been destroyed. In Mexico I find what once was lost.

Join me in letting down our nets into the deep. Then jump in!

Writing Tip #1–Write Here! “Thirty minutes—just make sure you write 30 minutes a day.” That’s what I told a student at WMUN (World Model United Nations), in Puebla, Mexico, when he told me he wanted to become a writer. “Then you ARE a writer.” The to-be list and not to-do. I am. Write here. Write now.

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